Muselera, the cutting-edge museum management solution designed to cater to the needs of all types of museums, including general museums, archeology museums, art museums, history museums, science, and technology museums. This innovative system offers a comprehensive solution for managing the inventory of museum artifacts, collection management, categorization of artifacts, and preventive periodic maintenance. With its user-friendly interface and seamless transportability for exhibitions and repairs, Muselera ensures efficient and reliable museum management operations.

Muselera is an innovative digital museum management and collection management system that leverages advanced technology to provide exceptional performance, efficiency, and security. With its flexible infrastructure, Muselera enables seamless integration with other software solutions, making it quick and effortless to integrate. In addition, Muselera's advanced scheduling and maintenance capabilities help to preserve the rich cultural heritage of museums for future generations by providing a secure and efficient way to store and showcase artifacts and objects.

Collection Management


Collection management with Muselera

Museums can efficiently and securely manage their collection management processes for the objects in their facilities. Muselera allows for the creation of an unlimited collections, enabling the museum to manage on the basis of collections.

Museum Management System Artifact Maintenance


Preventive maintenance management

Muselera Museum Management System ensures that the artifacts exhibited in museums or kept in warehouses are maintained on time by professionals with the right methods, with planned maintenance.

Conservation in museum


Artifact conservation in museums

Muselera provides the necessary digital infrastructure to preserve and transfer artifacts and objects in museum inventories, exhibitions, and collections to future generations while ensuring their integrity and authenticity.

What is Muselera?

Muselera Museum management systems, provide comprehensive management operations including the storage, preservation, procurement, and maintenance of objects and artifact groups, as well as the creation of conservation plans and easy access to information about these objects. These systems are essential for museums, libraries, collectors, and archives to ensure the preservation of their collections for future generations.

All type museum compatibility

100% compatibility thanks to its flexible structure

Muselera is a state-of-the-art museum management program designed to accommodate the diverse needs of museums, exhibitions, and collectors with its flexible architecture. It offers a comprehensive solution for managing and preserving valuable collections.

It is a cutting-edge museum management system designed for a wide range of institutions, including thematic museums, history museums, art museums, automotive museums, arboreta, and municipalities. It provides a comprehensive solution for managing and preserving buildings and historical artifacts.

Welcome to digital era of museums

Fast, easy and flexible

Muselera has been developed with current technologies and user experience in mind, making it easy and fast for users to adapt to the system.

Artifact security

Muselera's secure infrastructure, protected by blockchain algorithms, ensures that the works recorded in the system are protected against loss or deletion, providing a reliable and secure way to manage collections.

Compliance with International Standards

With its infrastructure that aligns with international museology and collection management standards, Muselera provides a secure and reliable solution for managing your collections.
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Visitor information systems

  • High quality visitor experience with Dynamic QR code integrated with the artifact and location.
  • Muselera's infrastructure is fully compatible with voice guidance systems, applications and devices, providing a convenient and accessible experience for visitors
  • The software supports integrated RFID, UHF, NFC, and other contactless and visual information transfer technologies.
QR Code Technologies
RFID, NFC Technologies