Advanced Technology

Thanks to its flexible and advanced technology, Muselera is quickly being adopted by any kind of museums and users alike.

Web based interface

Web-based software that does not require installation and provides access from any device that can access the Internet from anywhere.


Protection of artifacts against loss and alteration by logging transactions such as artifact inventory records and phisical condition.

Flexible Integration

Effective and adaptive integration with ERP software or any other software is achieved through detailed analysis and engineering work.

Museum Management System, All Muselera Features

User Friendly Interface

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the management, exhibition, and archiving of all artifacts displayed and stored in the museum is done with ease and without errors. The web-based interface eliminates the need for installation on Windows, Linux, MacOS, or mobile operating systems, providing cost savings and accessibility from any location. Utilizing the latest technologies, all information related to artifacts in the museum, including images, general information, features, maintenance, condition, conservation information, and external links, can be viewed on a single page without the need for page reloads.

Artifact and Object Properties

Artifacts and objects displayed in museums can vary in structure and materials. This can make it difficult to search and categorize them using an ordinary inventory software, where information must be entered into common fields. However, Muselera addresses this issue by providing templates specific to the characteristics of each artifact or object. Only the fields relevant to the work are displayed to the user, reducing the potential mistypes and errors . This enables quick and efficient access, categorization, and management of all objects, regardless of their type.

Periodic and Planned Maintenance

Preserving cultural heritage in museums for future generations requires regular maintenance and protection from environmental factors such as weater conditions and dust. When maintenance is left to the discretion of museum employees, it may be neglected or delayed due to workload or other reasons, potentially causing irreparable harm to the artifacts. Muselera addresses this issue by providing a coplete system for planned maintenance, ensuring that all artworks and objects are maintained on schedule and monitored for timely completion by responsible staff.

Collection Management Software

A collection is a group of historical or culturally valuable objects with similar or diverse characteristics, collected for the purpose of exhibition or preservation. Collections are the foundation of museums, and systems that manage, maintain, and transport these objects and artifacts as part of collections are known as Collection Management Systems. Muselera Collection Management System offers a comprehensive solution for museums' Collection Management System needs, encompassing all functions related to exhibition, preservation, transportation, regular maintenance, and reporting of works, organized based on collections.


With the Muselera software, you can categorize your artifacts and objects with ease, ensuring that each object is assigned to the appropriate field of expertise. By organizing your collections according to subject matter or material, you can streamline the maintenance and operations of your artifacts, and keep track of all transactions securely. The Muselera software also provides a comprehensive solution for the management of multiple collections. For example, if you have a collection of coins and a collection of medallions, you can group these collections under a single category, making it easier to manage the maintenance and storage requirements of these artifacts. We believe that proper categorization is essential for the preservation and protection of cultural heritage. That's why we have created a software solution that makes artifact management simple and efficient.

Artifact Transportation

With Muselara Museum software, the transportation of artifacts is made easy and efficient with the help of our state-of-the-art software. The Muselara software streamlines the entire process, from preparing the artifacts for transport to processing their condition, creating delivery reports. With the transfer module of the Muselara software, you can be assured that your artifacts will be handled with the utmost care and precision. Our software ensures that the transfer process is error-free and safe, with procedures in place to guarantee the integrity of each artifact. Not only does the Muselara software make transportation a breeze, but it also provides tracking capabilities for return dates and conditions of artifacts. This means that you can keep tabs on your artifacts at all times, ensuring that they are returned safely and completely.


The Muselera Museum Software has taken all necessary measures to detect incidents such as theft, loss, or switching an artifact with a replica. To identify these incidents, the software uses records of the conditions of the object and images of the works. Furthermore, deleted records are stored in the database, ensuring that no information about a work is permanently lost. This provides a comprehensive record of your collection that can be easily accessed and reviewed. The Muselera Museum Software also allows for user-level authorization, ensuring that only those with the necessary permissions can access and modify information in the system. This helps to maintain the security of the collection and prevents unauthorized changes.

External links

Museum Management Software Muselera users, can easily add links to external resources, such as articles, research papers, or other websites that contain detailed information about a particular work. This helps to enrich the artifact pages and provide visitors with a more engaging and informative experience. Adding external links is a straightforward process, and can be done in the notes section of the work page. Museum staff can include links to a wide range of resources, allowing visitors to access a wealth of knowledge about the works on display.